Latour 2012

With its rich body, comprehensive aroma and ceaseless after taste, the 2012
Latour is the perfect representation of our work. While tasting the wine, you can
experience many different tastes including cherry, pepper, dry flower seeds, as well as the aroma of the vines themselves!

The body of 2012 vintage is rich and fruity, yet has a small blend of oak and cedar, making itself perfect for wine collecting and preservation.
Latour 2013

Our 2013 vintage has its unique woolly texture and the aroma of blackcurrant.
Before tasting, swirl the wine around the glass bowl gently, and smell the aroma  of the rich blackberry, blood orange, cider, and mini lemon.

Comparing it with our 2012 vintage, the 2013 vintage is much more fruity and best for cuisines with strong aftertastes.
Latour Mini

Our mission is to have our wine to be shared in any occasions. With our Latour Mini, you can take this fruity wine with the flavors of black cherry and vanilla mocha to anywhere you like!

It's mini, but big on experience.
Latour 2015

Our 2015 Latour shares many characteristics with its older brothers. It's fruity, rich in flavor, and carries the aroma of the chocolate. And just look at its color, gorgeous!

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