The Vineyard
Libourne Latour

Our vineyard locates forty kilometers from the Bordeaux region and 2.5 kilometer from Pauillac. Libourne Latour delivers the quality of the First Crus with unique bouquet, exclusive body, and endless finish. The vines are planted on a narrow strip of land 70 km long and 8 to 16 km wide, close to the river, which irrigates the soil in depth and moderates differences in temperature. Our home sites right at the Pauillac appellation. The 3,000 acres of the Pauillac appellation include two of the five “Premiers Crus Classés du Médoc et de Graves” (Médoc and Graves First Growths), Lafite, Latour and Mouton. That glorious trio is surrounded by 15 of the 60 Médoc estates to feature in the famous 1855 classification.

The finest quality that everyone deserves to enjoy.
Libourne's climate is very unpredictable, and this is what gives each bottle its unique personality. Along with our leading technology and techniques in environment controls, our vintages delivers consistent aroma, taste as well as body.
This is where everything begins

Libourne Latour’s vineyard is a symphany of vines, singing birds, and beautiful soil; some vines are fifty-years-old. We treat them like our babies, each one contributes its unique magic to our wines every year. Meanwhile, using technology and eco-freindly techniques are our top priorities to take care of our babies.
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